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Premium Acoustic Guitars
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Premium Acoustic Guitars

About us

Amarant & Stageshop has been working from January 2005 as premier guitar store to 

serve the musicians. Behind the STAGESHOP. HU website there's an actual store, 

we're not only virtual.


The sale of high quality acoustic guitars is our core business, but we also offer unique and old (vintage), electric & acoustic guitars, amplifiers and accessories as well.


Our most important goal is that our customers return to us with pleasure, enjoy themselves, and find the best guitar, which hopefully will be perfect for them through decades.

Our luthier service has the best equipment and it is one of the premium workshops in Hungary. We are proud that we have made repair jobs for many foreign clients who give us their trust. We've made restoration jobs Carlos Juan, Al di Meola, Muriel Anderson, Alex de Grassi, Walter Lupi etc...

Stageshop is the largest stockist of guitar and amplifier parts in Eastern Europe with immediate supply. More than 1,500 type of guitar parts and more than 50 types of amp tubes can be found in our shop constantly, and of course custom orders can also be served with short delivery time.

Welcome to our store!

The Stageshop Team!


(Ernő Galambos - CEO and owner, Zoltán Tóth - luthier service director and owner, Tamás Kránitz - administration, Levente Tóth - sales, Róbert Trencsényi - guitar parts, Bálint Virághalmy - luthier service and recording)

Stageshop Guitarhop ground floor


At the ground floor of Stageshop, here you find strings, accessories and most of the electric guitars. In Hungary you can find the biggest selection of guitar- and amplifier accessories at Stageshop. Couldn’t find the suitable spare part for your guitar? Call us and we’ll help!

Stageshop guitarshop acoustic guitars gallery


The Stageshop acoustic-guitar gallery, one of the nicest part of the shop. You’ll always find more than a hundred hand-made acoustic guitars at our store. Can’t you just decide what kind of instrument to buy? Not familiar with the differences between wooden materials or the body types? Come, visit us, and we will help you choose! Stageshop guitarshop classic guitars gallery


The Stageshop classical guitar gallery. We’ve separated the classical and steelstringed guitars, so that this way you can try out the instruments in different rooms without disturbing one another. Did you like one of our guitars? Do not hesitate to order today, we offer 8 days money-back warranty!

Stageshop guitarshop front

Stageshop amplifier tubes - over 60 different tubes in stock


We have more than sixty kinds of vacuum tubes in store at Stageshop for your amplifier or even your  Hi-fi device. You cannot find a certain type of vacuum tube? Call us and we will help you get it!



At Stageshop you can even try the highest category american hand-made amplifiers. Have you ever played on a Fargen amp? If you haven’t, and you’d like to hear the difference between this and a basic serial device, than here’s the opportunity to try out one of the world’s greatest amplifier!


At Stageshop you’ll always find premium quality used guitars and amplifiers. Should you like a very good guitar, but you can’t afford a new one? Or maybe you seek some specially unique and old Vintage instrument? Or maybe you would like to sell your guitar? Call us, and we’ll help you!