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Premium Acoustic Guitars

Deering banjos

The Deering Banjo Company founded in 1975 by Janet and Greg Deering and it is still a family own manufacturer today. Deering is the largest American banjo manufacturer and they are proud to say that all Deering banjos made in USA. The banjo is actually a drum fitted with strings, that people have used for thousands of years. Therefore, any other musical instrument barely able to recall such a deeply hidden musical memories. The banjo is tuned standard open G major chord, which is to each other catch for guitarists in particular makes it much easier. The banjo is tuned by default on an open g major accord, which specifically makes much easier all other grips for the guitarists. The modern banjo comes in a variety of forms, including four- and five-string versions. A six-string version, tuned and played similarly to a guitar has gained popularity. In almost all of its forms, banjo playing is characterized by a fast arpeggiated plucking, though there are many different playing styles. You must play not necessarily just American folk and bluegrass music on the banjo, people can use it in several other music styles too. Whether you are a novice or a professional, there is a Deering banjo for you.

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