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Premium Acoustic Guitars
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Premium Acoustic Guitars

Duesenberg guitars

Stageshop is exclusive distributor of Duesenberg guitars made in Hannover Germany. The Duesenberg guitars unique "Art Deco" style is very popular and exceptional on every stage. All Duesenberg guitars made at highest level of precission and give one of the most comfortable playability with unique own sound. Duesenberg uses the PLEK CNC fret levelling machine to adjust each guitars for the best playability without any buzzing by the strings. The production capacity of Duesenberg is very limited and the delivery time of each guitars may take 5-6 Months. We are shipping Duesenberg guitars Worldwide. Our distributed brands are shipped free of charge to EU countries. If a buyer has a legal EU VAT Id. number then we don't charge you the Hungarian VAT. Clients from Switzerland and Norway will pay the prices without VAT, but they have to pay about 80 Euro for custom documents. If you have any question then feel free to contact us.