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Premium Acoustic Guitars
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Premium Acoustic Guitars


Frequently Asked Questions and answers about guitars:

- Do you offer moneyback warranty for the online purchased guitars?

Yes, we offer 8 days moneyback warranty for all online purchase. We always try to help you to find the best guitar for every clients before finalize the order. That's why it is much better to contact us before proceed your order if you are not sure which guitar to buy. If you are not satisfied the purchased guitar then you have to let us know within 8 days after the delivery received you. In this case you have to pack the guitar into original packaging with all the papers etc...we will organize the backward shipping and we refund your money reduced by shipping costs (it is about 65 Eur to most of EU country) only when the guitar received back in original conditions (without any scratches, damages, modifications etc.) included all the papers as well. So you can trust us to buy your guitar from us online.

- Do you make setup on your guitars when I order online?

Yes, we are a real shop with full line of guitar service. We always ask all clients about the setting requirement before ship the guitars. We ask your strings height needs for E1 and E6 at 12th fret, neck action, your play style, strings gauge, tunings etc. We will do the best setup for you, hundreds of satisfied clients have already got it, please read our "review" section.

- What will happen if my guitar damaged by the shipping?

In this case you have to send us an email or call. It is important to check the shipping box when you recieve it from the parcel. If you find any major damages on the box then don't take the guitar and show the damage to the parcel driver. It is useful if you can take some photos and send us as well. You can unpack the guitar but don't erase the parcel driver until you are not sure about the guitar has damaged or not. If the guitar damaged then we organize the full insurance and shipping back the damaged guitar. After insurance process we refund back your full money (included shipping costs). Most of our guitars come with high quality hardcase and we make the packaging heavy duty to avoid the guitar during shipping, but sometimes it may happens to damge the guitar without any sign on the box.

- How long is the delivery time if I want to order a Furch, Bourgeois, Collings etc guitar is not available as immediate delivery from Stageshop? How to proceed the order?

We always have over 70 Furch guitars, 8-10 Collings, 4-6 Bourgeois guitars in the shop, but of course we can't serve everybody's need immediately from stock. Also there are many custom option is available from all guitar builder and we are happy to order your custom guitar. The delivery time is about 2-3 Month for Furch guitars, but we always have running orders and it is indicated on the website of each out of stock guitars when the next piece will be delivered by Furch. Collings and Bourgeois has more longer delivery time, it is about 4-6 Month depends on the model and specifications. We always have some custom made Furch guitars in the shop, but we are happy to give a quote for your needs. Just send us your requirement and you will receive the exact quote within 24 hours. If you decided to order your guitar then we ask 10% deposit payment and the rest when the guitars is ready to ship from our shop. If you have any question then don't hesitate to contact us by email or call +3612015700.