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Guitares acoustiques de qualité
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Guitares acoustiques de qualité

John Page Classic guitare

John Page Classic guitares electrique

John Page is one of top guitar builder and designer in the USA. He was co-founder of Fender Custom Shop and worked out many researching for Fender from 1987. John Page created legendary guitars for Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, David Gilmour, Elliot Easton and Cesar Rosas, and many more. He designed special models like Harley Davidson, Playboy, Jaguar automobiles. Equally important, fosters a culture of creativity that attracts and/or nurtures leading luthiers like Fred Stuart, the late John English, J.W. Black, John Suhr, Yasuhiko Iwanade, Larry Brooks, Art Esparza, Gene Baker, Stephen Stern, Mark Kendrick, and more. Relic guitars, art guitars, countless additional design breakthroughs – all occur under Page design leadership. John left Fender Custom Shop to become founding Executive Director of the Fender Museum of Music and the Arts and created a 33,000 sq. ft. museum, education, performance and recording facility in Corona, CA – focused on free music education for kids. In 2003 John relocated to the Southern Oregon forest, takes a break from guitars and designs and builds functional art furniture. John Page Custom Guitars launched in mid-2006. The custom line grows to six guitar models, a bass, and a line of hand-made wood and stainless steel bridge saddles (JP Woodtone) and innovative art guitars. In 2014 John joined forces with HRS Unlimited, headed by leading MI executive Howard Swimmer, in order to produce and sell a production version of his Ashburn Custom guitar model and Bloodline by John Page pickups - enabling many more players to experience his design perspective. John has closed relationship to Japanese guitar builders and workshops since 80's. These builders have been building guitars for Fender and many other top brands. The John Page Classic guitars are built in one of these Japanese workshops and final setup is made in US before shipping out them to dealers and players. The quality of John Page Classic guitars is  top notch of guitars, you will love them! Please visit our shop to play them or don't hesitate to ask any questions about John Page guitars, we are happy to answer you and find your beauty JP Classic dream guitar.