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Guitares acoustiques de qualité

Schaller M6 135 nickel Locking 6-inLine tuners [10020120.01.]

Schaller M6 135 nickel Locking 6-inLine tuners
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Schaller M6 135 degree fixing Chrome Locking 6-in Line staggered tuners. Schaller Item number 10020220.01.50. With this tuner the string is locked in the shaft by a handy knurled nut located on the rear of the peghead, resulting in a low overall height. 6-in-line models with two different shaft lengths (staggered). Gear ratio 1:18. Model: 6 left, Finish: Machine-polished, Surface: nickel Buttons: 1 (small metal), Button options: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 Ratio: 1:18, Weight g/item: 38 gramm, Bore mm: 9.8