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Premium Acoustic Guitars

TAD RangeKing Power-Booster [rk]

TAD RangeKing Power-Booster
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Eredeti ár:37.000Ft
The RangeKingTM booster pedal with Balls control and Gain control max +25dB/1kHz 2 years warranty and 15 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

The RangeKingTM gets connected between your guitar and amp. If switched on, it boosts the signal into the amp. Gain can be adjusted with the GAIN control to overdrive any amp. Use the BALLS control to adjust bass response for desired level and keep it controllable and tight.
Switched OFF (hardwire bypass!) you could set up a great big clean tone. Switched ON you can achieve a punchy, raw crunch and natural overdrive tone from your amp. The RangeKingTM itself does not influence the tone of your signal; instead it forces your amp to give you natural overdrive distortion giving you excellent tone.