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Premium Acoustic Guitars
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Premium Acoustic Guitars

Tom Anderson guitars

We are proud to present and sell Tom Anderson guitars as the only East-European dealer. Tom Anderson established his small manufacture in 1985 to creating the world's finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitars. All Anderson guitars have hand selected body and neck wood, the wood kiln dried to perfection and spends time in a real-world environment so stability is enhanced and there are no surprises when the guitar is out gigging in diverse conditions. Necks carved to customer's specifications (14+ available neck shapes) and then allowed to acclimate to the environment in their new form for a month (at least, no rushing here either) before the precision fingerboard radius is finalized and player's choice of Anderson stainless steel frets installed. Hardware is hand selected and many parts are Anderson–modified and assembled to insure superior function in every way. There are no compromises here either. The vintage tremolo bridge is assembled in-house from four different, specially selected components for superior function, tone and feel. All Floyd Rose style bridges are modified and play wonderfully in tune. You can jump on this like a diving board. Each and every Floyd Rose bridge is individually radius-calibrated to perfectly match neck radius. Tuner buttons are specifically selected to give a vintage look while underneath is a high level tuning machine. Twin Rear strap buttons ensure your guitar will not topple over during a quick break in your playing action, while equally comfortable to strap on with greater adjustment. The Tom Anderson pickups are one of the most famous pickups ever made. The hum-cancelling single coil pickups of Anderson are very famous. All Tom Anderson guitar is an individual masterpiece.